29th April 2019

Training of Research Assistants for the Rural Service Delivery Project Baseline Study (RSDP-BLS) in Papua New Guinea


From 1st to 9th April Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) conducted a 7-day training for the Research Assistants for our newest project in Papua New Guinea. We will carry out an extensive baseline study for the Rural Service Delivery Project (RSDP) which is funded by the World Bank and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The project is implemented by the Government of Papua New Guinea through the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs (DPLGA) and aims to improve access and delivery of public services and basic infrastructure at the local level for communities in targeted rural areas using inclusive, participatory planning and implementation.

25th September 2018

A Delegation from the National Road Administration of Mozambique Visited FinnOC Headquarters


Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) Ltd. organized an overseas study tour to Finland and Sweden for the National Road Administration of Mozambique (ANE) in August. The program of the study tour included visits to public institutions, organizations and private businesses that take climate change issues into consideration in their road sector-related work in Finland and Sweden. The visits and topics were selected to introduce climate change preparedness from different perspectives and to show the crosscutting nature of the climate change in road management. The study tour was part of the capacity building project that FinnOC is currently conducting in Mozambique, funded by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

FinnOC would like to thank all the organizations and firms that participated in the study tour and gave their valuable contribution to the program.

August 2018

Doctoral Conferment of the University of Tampere


The University of Tampere organised the Doctoral Conferment Ceremony of all the faculties of the university on 16 – 18 August 2018. Dr. Sari Jusi participated in the ceremony.

21st March 2018

RAMS Update and Development for the Department of Works, PNG


Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) and Department of Works (DoW) in Papua New Guinea signing a contract for a new project to update and develop DoW’s Road Asset Management System (RAMS) using HDM-4. The contract was signed by Mr. Garo Tau from DoW on March 21st, 2018 in the presence of Ms. Muriel Hubert, Ms. Eeva Nyyssonen and Mr. Gregory Ume from FinnOC Ltd.

6th February 2018

FinnOC working in Mozambique


FinnOC has kicked-off a three-year project in Mozambique. The project is called "Consultancy Services to Develop Capacity for Climate Resilience Road Sector". The project is being funded by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). FinnOC is working with the National Road Administration ANE (Administração Nacional de Estradas). The kick-off meeting was held between ANE and FinnOC on the 6th of February 2018 at the ANE premises. Mozambique is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as increased precipitation and flooding. The FinnOC team together with the ANE representatives were excited to start working together to enhance climate resilience in the road sector.

20th October 2017

Enhancing Research Skills in Papua New Guinea


What to do when a respondent gets bored during a long survey and decides to walk away, or when the villagers are scared of sharing personal information because it might end up in the hands of the Devil himself?

These were some of the questions that were explored during an all-day workshop in Port Moresby on 20th October 2017. The meeting brought together experts from FinnOC and the Department of Works, who are involved in the Highlands Region Road Improvement Investment Project (HRRIIP). The aim of the day was to learn the ins and outs of ADB's environmental and social safeguards policies, to discuss the challenges of collecting accurate data as well as to agree on best practices for data collection and research.

"Data collection in the remote villages of Papua New Guinea is full of challenges", said Ms. Stella Waki-Wafi, a Senior Researcher at FinnOC during her presentation on the contextual issues, constraints and resolutions during fieldwork.

Not only do the enumerators need to find ways to overcome prevailing cultural beliefs and gain the trust of the participants, but they also need to complete long surveys at a fast rate often in difficult conditions in remote villages. Incorrect data causes major headaches for the data analyst and may jeopardise the results of the whole study. FinnOC works hard to avoid this and is constantly looking for ways to improve its data collection methods. Ongoing training for researchers is an important part of this.

Other speakers at the workshops from FinnOC included Dr. Sari Jusi, who provided an overview the impact assessment tools used for the ongoing HRRIIP Socio-Economic Impact Study, and Mr. Pablo Perez, who presented FinnOC's newly developed survey tool SEST (Socio-Economic Survey Tool). This tool is set to cut down data collection and input time by up to 70%, and it will be used in the next phase of data collection for SIS.

The workshop took place at the Department of Works (DoW) and it was facilitated by Dr. Anura Widana.

6th October 2017

Family Sexual Violence 


Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) Ltd. is carrying out a research on Family Sexual Violence (FSV) at mining project sites in Papua New Guinea. FinnOC gained media coverage in a local news when The National published an article about the research (The National, 20.9.2017). The World Bank is funding the project and it is being managed by the Mineral Resources Authority. In addition, FinnOC collaborates with The Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC). The project includes a formative research of FSV in three mine sites around the country. It will provide recommendations to different stakeholders (including local authorities, mining companies and civil society) how to address FSV. The duration of the project is about 15 months.  

3rd May 2017

Socio-Economic Survey Tool 


Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) Ltd. is currently developing a data collection tool for socio-economic surveys in collaboration with the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Members of the Research and Development Team at FinnOC mobilized on the 2nd of May for field testing the data collection tool in Tampere, Finland. The tool represents the leading edge of the data collection and analysis software, and is expected to significantly reduce the work needed for socio-economic survey studies and improve the accuracy of the data collected. The tool is expected to be ready for use in September 2017.  

13th December 2016

Asset Management Unit Workshop in Abuja, Nigeria


FinnOC held a whole day strategic planning workshop for the Asset Management Unit in Abuja on 13 December 2016. A total of 42 members of the Unit from across the Federal Road Administration attended the workshop. The Unit is established by the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing as a vehicle for the initial implementation of the road asset management reform project to which FinnOC has been assigned a major consultancy. The participants enthusiastically discussed the Unit's future as the reform project continues. Proposals for the Unit's values, vision and mission were formulated, and the Unit's internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats were identified. The workshop provided valuable input to the five-year strategic work plan being drafted by FinnOC as part of the assignment.  

November 2016

FinnOC at the World Road Association's Meeting in London


The World Road Association's Technical Committee on Road Transport System Economics and Social Development met in London from 21st to 22nd of November. Road experts Toni Paju and Petri Jusi from Finnish Overseas Consultants, who are also the Finnish delegates to the committee, participated at the meeting.
Toni Paju is Chairman for the working group on Evaluating Road Investment, and he presented his awarded model to the committee. The purpose of the committee is to advance and promote the best scientific practices regarding the road transport system economics and social development.

31st August 2016

Road Sector Assessment and Preparation Road Asset Management Plan in Tajikistan


FinnOC participates in the ADB technical assistance project in preparation for Dushanbe-Kurgonteppa road project.
Part of the assignment is to make an action plan for a comprehensive Road Asset Management System for the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan. Transport Economist Markku Knuuti and RAMS-expert Petri Jusi were working in close operation with the Ministry while preparing the action plan. 

19th July 2016

Ethiopian Roads Authority's Delegation in Finland


FinnOC hosted the professional visit of Directors Gedefaw Asmamaw Dessie, Hirut Yohannes Chefo and Girma Worku Teferie from the Ethiopian Roads Authority in Helsinki. The programme included meeting with Finnish colleagues and a visit to the Finnish Transport Agency with the introduction of the Traffic Management Centre.
The delegation was accompanied to Finland by Senior Advisor Tom Antonissen from the International Road Federation's Belgium Office.

14th July 2016

Road Surveys Workshop in Abuja


FinnOC hosted a workshop as an introduction to road surveys in connection of the World Bank project ‘Consulting Services Design of Enhanced Business Processes & Change Management Strategy for Institutionalizing Road Asset Management‘.
The workshop was organised by Mr. Markku Knuuti, Ms. Casandra Bischoff and Mr. Tiit Kaal, supported by Mr. Victor Ikechukwu Ajah and Mr. John Neves from TRL.
Due to great interest among the staff of the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Federal Road Management Agency and Road Sector Development Team three separate training sessions were held for the total of 72 participants. The sessions prompted lively discussions among the participants, who gave the training excellent ratings.

27th April 2016

Change Management Workshop in Abuja


In connection of the World Bank project ‘Consulting Services Design of Enhanced Business Processes & Change Management Strategy’ the FinnOC team organized a workshop on Change Management on April 27th, 2016 in Abuja, Nigeria. The workshop was opened by Dr. Kadri O. Hamzat, Special Advisor to the Minister, who spoke about the importance of the road sector restructuring and the new Highway Act. Keynote speaker was Dr Antti Talvitie, who gave presentations with the following titles: Overarching Principles of Road Sector Management; RAMS and Restructured Road Sector Organization; and Change Management Strategy, Process Consulting. The audience of over 70 road sector experts represented the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing and its Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, FERMA, and Road Sector Development Team, RSDT.

13th November 2015

World Road Association's Award to FinnOC


The World Congress of the World Road Association’s (PIARC) selected Mr. Toni Paju’s research paper as the winner in the Sustainable Development Category. The title of the paper was "Pilot Project to Quantifying Socio-Economic Benefits of Road Rehabilitation for Project Prioritization". Toni Paju, Director of the Environmental Services at Finnish Overseas Consultants, FinnOC prepared the research paper as part of a World Bank socio-economic impact study project in 2014.
The PIARC World Congress is organized every fourth year, and this year it was organized in November in Seoul, South Korea. At every congress, awards are presented in 8 different categories. This year the congress received over 750 research papers worldwide. Paju also won the national competition organised by the Finnish Transport Agency to find the best paper of the ones sent to the Congress from Finland

16th October 2015

IMO Consultancy Work for FinnOC in PNG


FinnOC and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a contract on 14 October 2015 for Independent Monitoring Organization (IMO) consultancy work for Department of Works (DOW) in Papua New Guinea. The IMO contract is under ADB Loan 2496 and it will be conducted in the Highlands Region in Papua New Guinea. The project will end in December 2016. The contract was signed by Dr. Sari Jusi from FinnOC and Mr. Hudson Leka from CSTB.

4th August 2015

RAMS-project started in Nigeria


FinnOC has been assigned to carry our consultancy services in the World Bank Project “Design of Enhanced Business Processes & Change management Strategy for Institutionalizing Road Asset Management” for the Ministry of Works of Nigeria. Project will last 18 months.
Inception report meeting was held 29.07.2015 in RSDT premises in Abuja, Nigeria. Present was Engineer Ishaq D. Mohammed (Unit manager of RSDT), Professor Donath Mrawira (RAMS Adviser) and from FinnOC Acting Team Leader Mr. Markku Knuuti, RAMS-expert Jukka Torniainen, HR-Expert Eeva Nikulainen and Supporting RAMS-expert Mr. Dumitru Ceban.

13th May 2015

Presentation of a Non-destructive Method for Surveys in Myanmar


Mr. Markku Knuuti gave a presentation on the use of ground penetrating radar in road surveys to a receptive audience at the headquarters of the Ministry of Construction in Myanmar. Questions after the presentation varied from technical specifications for example to survey volumes, equipment lifecycle and data interpretation. The mini workshop was attended by twenty road specialists from the Ministry’s highway department.

3rd May 2015

Pilot Project for Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys in Papua New Guinea


FinnOC has been assigned to carry out a pilot project using Ground Penetrating Radar in road condition surveys on the Magi and Hiritano highways. In the project FinnOC together with Department of Works of Papua New Guinea will demonstrate the possibilities of GPR in analysing existing road condition and layer thickness of the road structures. The project is conducted by Mr. Markku Knuuti, supported by Mr. Juhani Penttilä, GPR-expert from Roadscanners Oy from Finland.

The project includes training for the personnel of DoW.


19th March 2015

Socio-economic Impact Study by FinnOC in Papua New Guinea


FinnOC has been assigned to carry out a Socio-economic Impact Study in connection of the Highlands Region Road Improvement Investment Program, Project 1. The consulting services cover a socio-economic study on the impacts of the road and bridge improvements under the ADB funded loan (LOAN-2496 PNG). The project continues till 2018.
The signing ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Department of Works in Port Moresby. In the photo Team Leader, Dr. Sari Jusi signing the contract in the presence of ADB/DOW representatives and FinnOC colleagues.

27th October 2014

FinnOC Pilots Roadroid Technology in PNG


National Road Authority (NRA) and Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) Ltd. signed a contract on 27th of October 2014 for "Pilot Trial to use Roadroid Technology for Road Condition Surveys ​on Magi and Hiritano Highways in Central Province of Papua New Guinea”. In the photo Mr. Jacob Gele and Mr. Petri Jusi, FinnOC Ltd. confirming the assignment.

June 2014

Papua New Guinean Visitors in Finland


Managing Director Nickson Laime of Niki & Associates Ltd and Liaison Officer Greg Ume visited Finland for a few weeks in June and July 2014. The visitors were also received at the Finnish Transport Agency where their hosts presented the agency and as a special feature Finnish bridge management system. The bridge theme continued by a construction site visit to the airport junction upgrade on the Ring Road 3.




Liaison Officer Mr. Gregory Ume, in the middle, celebrated his birthday with colleagues at FinnOC’s Port Moresby office in Papua New Guinea.

May 2014

Myanmar RAMS Capacity Building


Mr. Dumitru Ceban from FinnOC is completing his assignment in Nay Pyi Taw, where he provided hands-on training in road data management for the Myanmar counterparts of the Public Works of the Ministry of Construction during one month in May-June, 2014. His assignment is part of the capacity building component of the Asian Development Bank’s Technical Assistant project ‘Developing the Asset Management Program for Myanmar’.

31st May 2014

Mölkky Championships in Nay Pyi Taw


The first Mölkky championship games were held on Saturday May 31st in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. The Finnish outdoor game became an instant success among the RAMS team. No warming up for the game was necessary as the temperature was 36 C, but plenty of water was consumed. Different throwing styles were seen mostly resulting in fallen skittles, gained points and screams of delight. All players enjoyed the game so much that Mölkky is now an integral part of Myanmar RAMS routines.
Participants of the first Mölkky championships in Nay Pyi Taw.
Throwing skittle in full swing.


Secondary Road Improvement - Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design


Team Leader Ari Kalliokoski gave a project presentation in the public consultation of “Secondary Road Improvement - Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design” project. The public consultation was organised in the inception phase of the project by Member of Parliament of Georgia Mr. Nodar Ebanoidze.
The representatives of the regional administrations and plenty of local residents from the roadside villages were present in the event. The need for road improvement was highlighted by them since the present condition of the road is very poor. The vivid discussion was held after the presentation and the preliminary ideas presented by the Consultant were appreciated.


9th Australian Road Engineering & Maintenance Conference


FinnOC Ltd. participated at the ‘9th Australian Road Engineering & Maintenance Conference 2014’ in Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Dumitru Ceban, FinnOC’s Transport Economist & HDM-4 Specialist gave a presentation at the April conference on road condition surveys in Papua New Guinea.

October 22nd 2013

Water Supply and Sanitation Research and Evaluation


Social research into impacts and sustainability of three (3) rural water and sanitation projects completed in Papua New Guinea.
Water Supply and Sanitation Research and Evaluation The final report was presented to the Incentive Fund Management Team and representatives of AusAID and National Planning in Port Moresby on October 22nd 2013. The final report was highly appreciated by the Client and it will be published shortly on the official webpage of the programme.

August 28th 2013

FinnOC Opens an Office in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


FinnOC opened an office on August 28th 2013 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The office is located in Gordon area, at the address Section 52 Allotment 17 Varahe Road, and will support FinnOC’s projects in PNG. Pictured here in front of the office from left to right: Dr. Sari Jusi, Managing Director Petri Jusi, Liaison Officer Gregory Ume, Managing Director Nickson Laime of Niki & Associates Ltd. and Office Manager Muriel Hubert.

19th April 2013

Ms. Sari Jusi's Public Defence of her Doctoral Thesis


Ms. Sari Jusi successfully defended her doctoral thesis "Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Approach in Water Governance in Lao PDR: Cases of Hydropower and Irrigation" at the University of Tampere, Finland. A permanent address to access the publication is here.
Pictured here with Ms. Jusi are Docent Tapio Katko from Tampere University of Technology who acted as the opponent, and Professor Ilari Karppi from the School of Management of the University of Tampere as the custos.

February 2012

Sharing Experience in Winter Road Maintenance


A high-level Russian road delegation came for a week’s visit to Finland in February 2012. The delegation, invited by the Finnish Transport Agency, was accompanied by two TV film crews. The delegation was especially interested in the road weather dispatch centre, road maintenance base and the snow removal operations of the City of Helsinki. It was mutually agreed by the Finnish and Russian colleagues that winter road maintenance is as much art as it is science. After two days’ intensive programme of visits and meetings in the Helsinki metropolitan area, the delegation moved to Tampere to participate in the Winter Road Congress organized by the Finnish Road Association. FinnOC was responsible for the planning of the visit programme and its implementation.
Director Igor Astakhov, Federal Road Agency; Director Andrey Kostuyk, Sevzapupravtodor; Director Jukka Karjalainen and Road Management Expert Olli Penttinen, Finnish Transport Agency and interpreter Pauli Haimi in the background


Winter Road Congress


The delegation photographed at YIT Maintenance Base in Hyvinkää
The directors of the Russian and Finnish road associations met at City of Tampere’s reception during the Winter Road Congress. Left to right: Director Andrey Molchanov, Omsk Regional Road Administration; Director General Igor Starygin, Russian Association of Regional Road Administrations, RADOR; Project Manager Jukka Torniainen, International Affairs, Finnish Transport Agency and Managing Director Jaakko Rahja, Finnish Road Association
May 2010

Earlier News


Two papers from Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) Ltd. were presented in the 16th IRF World meeting in Lisbon May 2010. The papers were: i) development of the Road Management System in Bulgaria and Development of Environmental, Economic and Social Assessment of the Roads model (EESAR). The 16th IRF World Meeting was held in Lisbon from 25 to 28 May 2010, and it was attended by major international players from the road sector. Roads and their users, the role of roads in trade and life, roads and their impact on society; these are issues needing answers, both now and in the future. The aim of the 16th IRF World Meeting was to provide a forum for debates, discussions and proposals leading to tomorrow’s solutions.

April 2009



Ms. Jenni Kauppila participated as an environmental, social and climate change issues specialist in the first socio-economic impact study workshop organised in Papua New Guinea. The workshop was hosted by Department of Works Papua New Guinea and Finnroad Ltd. Workshop was conducted in Port Moresby 21st and 22nd of April 2009.

September 2007

23rd International World Road Congress


Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) participated for 23rd International World Road Congress in Paris in September 2007. During the conference Socio-Economic Study (SIS) was presented for conference participants. Presentation was given together with the representative of Department of Works, Papua New Guinea. Socio-Economic Impacts of implementing the Road Projects in 6 Provinces (East New Britain, West New Britain, Oro, Manus, Central and Morobe) of Papua New Guinea was presented by the Environmental Officer of Papua New Guinea, Mr. William Asigau and Managing Director of FinnOC Ms. Sari H.Jusi. Presentation was well received by the conference participants.
Delegation of Papua New Guinea was lead by His Excellency Vice Minister of Department of Works of Papua New Guinea Mr. James Marape. In this photo he is with Ms. Sari H.Jusi from FinnOC and Mr. Petri U. Jusi from Finnroad.