Finnish Overseas Consultants (FinnOC) Ltd is a global consultancy company providing services in planning, procurement and implementation of sectoral development projects.

Our Clients:

Development Finance Institutions
World Bank Group
African Development Bank (AfDB)
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
European Investment Bank (EIB)
Nordic Development Fund (NDF)

International Organizations
European Union

National Governments & Government Agencies
Government of Papua New Guinea
Government of Moldova
Estonian Road Administration
Finnish Transport Agency

City of Lahti, Finland

Private Sector
AS Teede Tehnokeskus, Estonia

Our Partners:

Barefoot Ltd., Papua New Guinea
CPCS Transcom Ltd., Canada
Cranboume Technology Ltd., UK
ERC Consulting Ltd., Estonia
FCG Finnish Consulting Group, Finland
Kocks Consult GmbH, Germany
MPI Consulting Ltd., Finland
Nicki & Associates, Papua New Guinea
Roadroid, Sweden
Sirway Ltd., Finland
SMEC PNG, Papua New Guinea
SweRoad, Sweden